AOR Advanced Bone protection 30 caps

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AOR Advanced Bone Protection is Milk Basic Protein (MBP), a specific whey protein fraction found in trace amounts in bovine milk. MBP is considered to be so safe and vital that some food items are fortified with it in Japan, where it was discovered.
MBP has been shown to increase the activity of bone-building cells (osteoblasts) while reducing the activity of the cells that break down bone (osteoclasts), resulting in a more balanced and effective approach to preventing the bone loss that leads to osteopenia and osteoporosis. It also helps bones to retain and use calcium more effectively, and to produce more collagen, an important part of the bone matrix.

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About AOR Advanced Bone protection :
– Made of MBP, a protein complex derived from milk
– Boosts collagen production and calcium usage
– Helps produce bone and prevent bone loss
– Increases bone mineral density
– Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegetarian

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7 reviews for AOR Advanced Bone protection 30 caps

  1. Mamo

    Great product!!

  2. Sonanda

    Helps with maintenance of healthy bones.

  3. Jamal

    I bought this product for my father and he is very happy with it.

  4. Aram

    This product is good for people with low bone density.

  5. ailo

    Advanced bone protection is a high quality product for a healthy bones. I got from Vitarichy and their price is way lower than other health stores I have been.

  6. takomi

    Advanced bone protection increases bone density.

  7. jane

    This product is great for bone protection.

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