Jamieson melatonin 1 mg, 60 fast melts Tabs

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Jamieson Melatonin 1 mg is a fast-dissolving natural sleep-aid. Melatonin helps to restore optimal sleep patterns and relieve symptoms of jet lag. This fast-dissolving formula helps your body quickly absorb the active ingredients for quick sleep support and maximum effectiveness.

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About this item
– Each fast-dissolving tablet provides 1 mg of melatonin
– Helps you fall asleep
– Helps improve sleep quality
– Natural, safe and non-habit forming sleep aid
– Unflavoured fast-dissolving tablets

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1 review for Jamieson melatonin 1 mg, 60 fast melts Tabs

  1. Jean

    Give this to my child who has trouble falling sleep, it helps.

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