New Roots MCT Energy 500mL

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New Roots MCT Energy contains medium chain triglycerides as a calorie reduced source of healthy fats with minimal fat storage potential. Their smaller size makes them up to 100 times more soluble than long chain fatty acids. The ease and speed of digestion for MCT’s make them an excellent, dynamic energy source suitable for endurance athletes, those seeking to lose weight, patients with compromised appetites, and persons with malabsorption illnesses that include celiac disease, short bowel syndrome, and chronic liver disease.

Medium chain fatty acids differ significantly from their longer chained counterparts and may be a fatter friendly, abundant, rapidly used, and available source of energy. Another bonus to using MCFA’s for energy is that, when compared to carbohydrates, MCFA’s do not have a stimulatory effect on insulin levels. Studies are now showing that coconut oil may be useful in controlling weight gain and obesity, thanks to its lauric acid component. Lauric acid makes up the largest proportion of saturated fat in coconut oil. Lauric acid has been shown to increase HDL cholesterol  in the body, creating a more favorable cholesterol profile.


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About New Roots MCT Energy 500mL:

  • Great For Weight Loss
  • Support Persons With Malabsorption Illnesses (Celiac, Short Bowel, Liver Disease)
  • Quickly And Easily Digestible
  • Great Source Of Energy For Endurance Athletes


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3 reviews for New Roots MCT Energy 500mL

  1. Mihan

    This product along side with daily exercise helped with weight management.

  2. mali

    Amazing product.

  3. Abdul

    Great product. Thank you vitarichy.

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