New Roots Myo-Inositol 250 g

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New Roots Myo-Inositol Helps to improve ovarian function in women with oligomenorrhea and polycystic ovaries; in the management of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) by helping to restore normal ovarian function; in the management of PCOS by reducing oxidative stresses; to restore ovulation and oocyte quality, and to normalize menstrual cycle irregularities; to reduce serum testosterone in women with PCOS. in the management of PCOS-s hormonal and metabolic conditions by promoting healthy glucose metabolism. As an important component of phospholipids, inositol can assist in regulating cellular response for healthy body functioning. Helps support healthy mood balance.

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About New Roots Myo-Inositol 250 g:

  • Helping to restore normal ovarian function
  • Promoting healthy glucose metabolism
  • Helps support healthy mood balance
  • MYO-Inositol is also an integral component of healthy cell membranes and strengthens their resistance to oxidative stress
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2 reviews for New Roots Myo-Inositol 250 g

  1. Ismahan

    Good product.

  2. victoria

    Good for healthy mood.

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