New Roots Seabuckthorn Oil 30 Softgels

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New Roots Seabuckthorn Oil

New Roots Herbal Seabuckthorn softgels are formulated with 1000 mg of omega 7 rich certified organic Seabuckthorn fruit and seed oil, with an additional 40 mg of Goji seed oil. Omega 7 fatty acids are critical to collagen development; collagen is the pivotal protein forming the matrix of skin cells, blood vessels, and for the mucous membranes that facilitate respiratory, digestive, and immune system function. Healthy, glowing skin is a direct reflection of overall health great health. Healthy skin will more effectively; protect you from the elements including bacterial infection, synthesize vitamin D3, and regulate body temperature.

The only other known botanical source of the rare omega 7 fatty acids found in Seabuckthorn is macadamia nuts. Seabuckthorn has also been studied extensively with animal trials that have shown it to inhibit weight gain in animal fed a high fat diet. Long term population studies are underway that prove promising for future therapeutic use for weight control and reduction.

Goji seed oil compliments the formula with fatty acids that promote the production of prostaglandins that regulate inflammatory response, and contribute to good cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and renal health.

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About New Roots Seabuckthorn Oil 30 Softgels:  

  • Omega 7 Rich
  • Skin Irritations (Such As Burns And Atopic Dermatitis)
  • Cardiovascular Disease And Various Inflammatory Conditions
  • Common Colds & Even Pneumonia!
  • Contains 40mg Of Goji
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2 reviews for New Roots Seabuckthorn Oil 30 Softgels

  1. Kaka

    Great source of omega-7. Highly recommended.

  2. helen

    Improves skin health and promotes heart health.

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