Progressive VegEssential Natural Chocolate 360g

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Progressive VegEssential Natural Chocolate is Plant-Based Daily Foundation VegEssential combines the benefit of an entire cupboard full of supplements with the ease of consuming a single smoothie. This simple to use all-in-one formula not only provides unmatched nutritional density, it also provides unmatched convenience. VegEssential embraces the wisdom of consuming an alkaline-forming, whole-food diet and draws on almost 100 plant-based ingredients to deliver an incredible spectrum of both micro and macro nutrients. It is also dairy, trans fat and cholesterol free, with no added sugars and no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners.

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About Progressive VegEssential Natural Chocolate 360g:

  • A convenient one-a-day, All in One smoothie!
  • Enhances lean muscle growth
  • Strengthens immune function
  • Supports healthy skin, eyes, bones and teeth
  • Assists with healthy liver and thyroid function
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1 review for Progressive VegEssential Natural Chocolate 360g

  1. Rishab

    I loved it in my smoothies , great test.

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